What is Pichichi in football?

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What is pichichi, and why is it so popular among soccer players? Is this some village award or a prestigious award that any player wants to get their hands on? Let’s find out detailed information about this award with 55 BMW.

What is a pichichi cup?

Pichichi is an abbreviation for the prestigious Pichichi Award, which long-time football followers know by this name. What is the Pichichi Award? This is an award that many players, whether experienced or new to the profession, aspire to have. This title was created to honor the outstanding and great contributions of great players in the world of professional football.

In Vietnamese, you will hear this title by a more familiar name, which is top scorer. Just by hearing this name, you can immediately tell that the award recipients are players with outstanding achievements when participating in La Liga football matches. They are awarded to the player who concedes the most goals that year.

This award is named after the famous Spanish player Rafael Moreno Aranzadi, whose nickname is Pichichi, who was the first person to receive this prestigious award. Therefore, you will see this award often appearing in tournaments in Spain.

The recipient of this award is recognized by both the football world and football lovers for his ability to create championship goals. Therefore, it is a prestigious title to highlight that player’s career, helping their efforts be recognized.

Trophy awarding process?

Many people think that the Pichichi Award will be given to good players; however, that person also needs to have talent and strong football potential. Only then can that player increase their chances of receiving the trophy. . The person who receives the Pichichi Cup will see it as a great honor, marking a milestone in their career achievements.

Because of the titles that players receive when awarded the trophy, this award has never had an easy process of finding a winner. It is not an award where players just need to register their name to be considered.

Because it is approved by a highly professional evaluation board, this is an extremely transparent award, and the results are made public to viewers. Every year, whichever player is named to receive the trophy always attracts millions of enthusiastic fans.

During these releases, statistics tracking the goals of the players competing that year will be carefully reviewed and evaluated. They will compare the statistics of each player and find the most outstanding person in a list of hundreds of names.

Who is worthy of the Pichichi trophy?


In the history of world football, over several decades since the first Pichichi Cup was awarded, many more excellent players have received this trophy every year. Each name announced is recognized by all industry insiders and football lovers. Let’s take a look at some prominent names on the list to receive Pichichi.

Player Messi maintains his title as king of the Pichichi Cup

First, it is impossible not to mention the name of the player from the Barcelona team, Messi, who holds the record of receiving 7 Pichichi awards. This is a record that no one has currently broken from this player. He’s truly an excellent player, isn’t he?

Legendary player Cristiano Ronaldo received the trophy 3 times

Next, in the list that already has the name Messi, it is impossible not to include the name of legendary player Cristiano Ronaldo. Receiving this prestigious Pichichi trophy 3 times has helped him be on the list of players with the most Pichichi achievements. In the 2014–2015 season, although he could not become the team champion, he scored 48 goals in only 35 matches.

The only time Mariano Martin touched the trophy

A very special name on this list also comes from the Barcelona team: Mariano Martin. He only received one trophy in his playing career but still left a resounding mark. He was a great player who helped this team bring home 2 championships in 1940. The time he received the award was in 1942–1943, when he scored 32 goals in only 23 football matches.

We have provided an explanation of what pichichi is so that football fans can follow this popular sport with greater interest. An award will become of lasting value when players always try to achieve it.

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